Drawing Lightly – essential lesson for beginners

Can you draw lightly? Do you have trouble rubbing out your drawings when you make a mistake? Do you need to rub so hard that your paper scrunches and buckles under your eraser? Does your line leave an indent in the paper once you have erased it? If you are a beginner, chances are that […]

Boost your Imagination with this fun exercise

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To Copy or Not to Copy?

Is it okay to copy a photo when you are drawing? Should we regard copying photos to make your own artwork as cheating? I want to give you my opinion on this rather controversial subject of copying. There is some controversy in the art community about whether it is acceptable to copy images from photographs […]

Adding New Layers to your Paintings without Mucking it up

Do you start to get nervous half way through a painting that you are really happy with, but know there is still a long way to go? What happens when you have done a fantastic looking background and now you get to the stage of putting in foreground objects but you aren’t sure exactly where […]

Drawing the things we DON’T see!

With any drawing, an important but often overlooked aspect is the shapes of the things that we don’t see. BUT WAIT! How can we draw (or paint) things that we don’t see? Well, to be more specific, I’m talking about the spaces or gaps between objects that can be just as important as the shapes […]